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Unattended Windows Setup Reference | Microsoft Docs.

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Windows Answer File Generator.

  Also, make sure when your image was originally sysprepped that you did not specify an unattend at taht time. Problem disk C and the usb. Some gotchas are to make sure your image does not already contain an unattend. In my tests I have captured the image two ways - with generalize and oobe and Audit generalize. Windows Unattend xml windows 10 Newsletter. Mauro Huculak is technical writer for WindowsCentral. Windows Setup Installation Process.  

Windows 10 is not reading from C:\Windows\Panther - Microsoft Q&A.How to create an unattended installation of Windows 10 | Windows Central


Some gotchas are to make sure your image does not already contain an unattend. Also, make sure when your image was originally sysprepped that you did not specify an unattend at taht time. I recommend simply using generalize and OOBE when you sysprep. I just finished testing the deployment with the default unattend script from LANDesk and the unattend. In my tests I have captured the image two ways - with generalize and oobe and Audit generalize.

Upon opening it, it has some what looks to be default values not entirely sure where this came from or if it is even suppose to be there. The primary items I'd like to do is set the local admin account password, bypass the eula and time settings, set the current network as work, and bypass the remaining system setup information that appears upon the oobe.

Below is the screen shot of my deploy template if you would like to see the outline. Thank you for the suggestions. Ends up, it didn't matter if I deleted the unattend. I have everything on the unattend.

Apparently with Windows 10, that part has been deprecated. You can automate Windows installation in several different ways. You can use the methods described below together or individually to accomplish the level of automation that your deployment needs. See Windows Setup command-line options to see the different parameters that can be used in a Setupconfig.

For example:. If you include a parameter on the command line and the same parameter in the setupconfig file, the setupconfig file parameter and value has precedence. If the update is delivered through Windows Update, Windows Setup searches in a default location for a setupconfig file. When no other answer file is selected, Windows Setup searches for this file.

For sample answer files and a list of settings used to automate installation, see Automate Windows Setup. You can modify this file to do any of the following:. Update an image by preparing the PC to boot to audit mode.

Update the order in which drivers or packages are installed. Packages with dependencies may require installation in a certain order.

The answer file in the image may contain settings that have not yet been processed. If you want these settings to get processed, edit the existing file rather than replacing it. Test the image by deploying it to a new PC, without specifying an answer file. When Windows Setup runs, it finds and uses this answer file. Windows Setup searches for answer files at the beginning of each configuration pass, including the initial installation and after applying and booting an image. Download Microsoft Edge More info.

Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Answer files unattend. Note These settings could be lost if the user resets their PC with the built-in recovery tools. Tip If Windows SIM does not create the catalog file, try the following steps: To create a catalog file for either bit or Arm-based devices, use a bit device. Note If you open an existing answer file, you might be prompted to associate the answer file with the image. Note Windows SIM will not allow you to save the answer file into the mounted image folders.

Anyone can write an answer file manually. Once you complete the steps, you can use the console to create a ". After the file is created, you can adjust the settings and reuse it for other installations, instead of having to use the Windows System Image Manager tool. After installing the Windows System Image Manager console, you need to import the OS installation files onto your device, and set up the environment to create an answer file.

To create an answer file, you need to open a Windows 10 image and create a catalog of all the components to automate the installation. However, to perform this task, you must first import the installation files onto your device. Once you complete the steps, the installation files will be available on your device. However, to continue, you need to confirm the install. If you don't have an.

In the case that you're stuck with an "install. Once you complete the steps, you'll end up with an ISO file of Windows 10 that includes the install. An answer file contains seven different stages passes opens in new tab , and the stages you need to configure will depend upon the type of automation you want to create. This guide will help you to get started configuring an autounattend. Using the pass "1 windowsPE," you'll set up region and language, drive configuration, installation location, and product key.

To configure the region and language settings, while in the Windows System Image Manager, use these steps:. If you have a computer using the legacy BIOS, continue with these steps.

Otherwise, skip this part, and follow the UEFI instructions below. Using the above steps, outlined the steps to carved the partitions. The next steps specify the required file format and partition properties. In the steps, using the Order and PartitionID , you're specifying how the Windows Setup should configure on each of the two raw partitions we created earlier.

In this article. Changed answer file settings for Windows Changed answer file settings for Windows 10 for desktop editions, version



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